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The Scout Association at The 'Big Event'

The Scout Association has a table at The Big Event - a recruitment drive event for all charities as part of Volunteers Week.
This is a fantastic opportunity for us to enthuse members of the public into becoming a part of Scouts whether it be as a leader or a committee member and to tell everyone how fun and rewarding it is to be involved.
Hopefully we will gain a few more members!
The event is Saturday 7th March at the Sefton between 9.45 and 2.15.
If anyone can help please let Julie Leece know and what times you are available so Julie can collaborate a rota. 

Map of Scouting in the Isle of Man

Packed year for Scouting in the news

In this week's Manx Independent they discuss the coming year with Guy for The Scout Association - Isle of Man. It talks about new Scout Groups, VIP visits and a range of activites that "should make 2015 as "one of the most exciting years yet".

The lengthy article describes:

  • The re-establishment of 3rd Castletown after being dormant for 17 years
  • The new Rushen Explorers Unit
  • The re-starting of the Northern Explorers Unit
  • Growth of over 100 new young people "that will be joining the Scouting adventure"
  • That St. George's Day is one of the two most important days on the Scouting calendar and is attended by "some 500 Scouts and parents are usually in attendance"
  • Wyane Bulpitt, the UK Chief Commissioner, will be visiting the island to meet the Scouts and present a special award to some of the leaders
  • Other activities planned include camping, hiking, climbing and kayaking.
  • "The association also has its own camp site in Malew where Scouts can complete river walks, blindfold trails, abseiling and cooking on an open fire"

The article is on page 19 of 12 February's Manx Independent. Let's work together to help keep Scouting in the Isle of Man in the press in 2015.

Update: The story from the Manx Indepenent can now be read online.

New GSL for 1st Rushen Scout Group

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Warren Seymore is the new Group Scout Leader of 1st Rushen replacing Jay who has had to step down because of his UK appointment.

warren will be fantastic in this role and will I am sure continue to develop the Group.

Congratulations Warren

New County Skills Assessor - Climbing

I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Dale as our new Climbing Assessor. Dale, who is a qualified climber, can now assess leaders in all aspects of climbing both on artificial and natural faces.

Last week saw a number of leaders at Hot Rocks who have been climbing indoors and out for the last couple of years do a short revision course, next week will be the same and the week after there will be a short assessment and then, following the assessors recommodations I can issue a permit.

In the warmer months Dale can assess suitable leaders on approved crags. At long last and well overdue we can take our young people climbing. For those leaders without climbing skills we hope to run some beginners courses soon. Dont expect to be able to scale the North Face of the Eiger with the training, this is a basic course teaching best and safe practice.

This weekend 3 leaders will complete their Silver National Navigation Award course and hopefully will be presented with their Terrain One and Terain Two permit [hills and mountains] again following a short assessment.

Winternationals at Ballasalla

The 9th Annual Winternationals sports with a ‘twist’ took place at Mill Road, Ballasalla the home of ‘Viking’ Troop, 1st Malew Scout Group earlier this month.

Also risking life, limb and sanity were Scouts and leaders from Arbory, Castletown and Peel Scouts. 


After being put into mixed teams and selecting a team name the tournament commenced with ‘Avalanche’. This was each team shouting as loud as possible. The ‘shout’ was measured with a decibel meter and the winning team were slightly less noisy than a revving formula 1 race car!

Other Winter sports included ‘Snow Blower’, a relay race where a paper ‘snowflake’ had to be blown along the length of two tables and back again. Other games included ‘build a real snowman’ using toilet rolls and a Scout. ‘Snow shoe shuffle’, Ice hockey (you guessed it) the puck was a freezer block!, down hill ski-ing which involved no hills, no snow, no skis just ski sticks and a lot of imagination!

The grand finale was the bob sleigh race which is frantic and fast and every bit as dangerous as the real thing, especially to the spectators. To finish off there was ‘snow clearance’. This was which team using tea spoons could demolish a litre of ice cream the fastest -‘lots of brain freeze’. We always leave this one till last so the parents can see what their Scouts get up to, sometimes literally depending on the strength of the individual Scout’s stomach.

A great time was had by all and funnily enough the winning team was called, ‘Have we lost yet?'


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