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Jamboree Song - "A Spirit of Unity"

23rd World Scout Jamboree Song is now available.

"Let’s practice and sing together with Scouts from around the world in 23WSJ in 2015."


Download to


MP3 (Japanese Version)

CD Cover (PDF A4 size)

Art Work (png)

Lyrics (PDF A4 size)

The Scout Association Lauch New communities for under 25s

New communities for under 25s

This week we launched and  for young people aged 13 to 25.

Your current Facebook and Twitter have been relaunched exclusively for adult volunteers to share activity ideas, tips and advice.

Tell your older Scouts, Explorers and Network members about the exciting new communities today.

Bethlehem Peace Light Coming to Island

The Bethlehem Peace Light is being brought from Bethlehem by Austrian Scouts and will be passed on to scout associations around the world and then to churches in time for Christmas.

Annual Scout Dinner

Active Support Campfire


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