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Wolf Pack’s refugee challenge

Posted on April 6th, 2016 by admin
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DSCF0804_1843x1382The ‘Wolf Pack’ – Southern Explorers had their regular Monday meeting at Mully-Ne-Carty.

The weather was perfect for the event in that it rained heavily for most of the day. Surprised by the last statement perhaps?

The Explorers, plus two Scouts from 1st Malew ‘Viking’ Troop, were trying to appreciate the problems faced by refugees around the world. They had to imagine their home had been bombed and they had to make a shelter with what they could find around them, make a fire and prepare a basic meal of bread and stew using very basic ingredients.

The stew was all vegetables and the bread was cooked using an old fire ash box as an oven. They were spoiled in that they had a pot of double cream which after vigorous shaking in a jam jar and the adding of a little salt yielded enough butter to put on the bread rolls. I am pleased to say it all tasted very good especially as we were all a bit damp at this stage. The warmth of the fire (despite the smoke) was also welcome.

Whilst eating we discussed other problems that might arise from being in the plight of a refugee namely clean water supply, sanitation and finding a way to stay mud free.

DSCF0802_1843x1382Lessons learned:

The basic Scouting skills of shelter building, fire lighting, cooking on a wood fire etc are primary skills everyone should have. How difficult (not to say uncomfortable) it would be to be forced to spend any great length of time living under these conditions.

Also, how very, very lucky we are to live in this Island!

For more photos from the evening see the gallery.

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