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‘Wolf Pack’ – Southern Explorers go on the defensive

Posted on April 20th, 2016 by admin
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DSCF0827_1843x1382 The regular Monday evening meeting at Mullin ny Carty was taken by a guest speaker (and do-er) Mr. David Birtles. David was himself a few years ago a Southern Explorer Scout.

He holds a black belt at, and instructs in, the Korean martial art of Taekwando which translates to “the art of hand and foot fighting”. He also has a black belt at Karate and studies Winchun and Ju Jitsu.
To the Explorers surprise when they asked him how to deal with a threatening person he said the best option was if possible “To run away, because no one gets hurt.” However the point of the evening was to show the Scouts how to block an attack or escape if grabbed which would then give them the opportunity to, ‘run away’.  The Explorers worked in pairs and went through the moves under supervision.
I would like to thank my adult helper Henry Dorman for being the ‘willing’ volunteer when more ‘energetic’ demonstrations were required and Scout mother Suzzane Shimmin for her assistance. Everyone had a fun evening and learned that you don’t have to be built like Arnold Schwarzenegger to survive.
More photos of the evening is in the gallery.
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