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‘Wolf Pack’ Southern Explorers eat out

Posted on March 27th, 2016 by admin
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From preparation…

The regular meeting of the ‘Wolf Pack’ at Mullin ny Carty found the Explorers tasked with producing an edible chocolate orange sponge.
As it should be with Explorers they were told what needed doing and provided with the ingredients and left to, ‘get on with it’.  They then sorted themselves into working teams to prepare the fire place, chop wood, light the fire, prepare the oranges & cake mixture and all meet at the by now glowing embers to bake the puddings.

Just over half an hour later everyone had a tasty pudding to eat everyone having played their individual roles admirably! They even washed the utensils and put everything away – even more admirable!



Lessons learned –
Some milk chocolate chips would have made the mix even better as would using the juice from the scooped out oranges instead of water to make the cake mix.

Next time culinary perfection!

For more photos of the night see the gallery.

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