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‘Wolf Pack’ Southern Explorers at Tynwald Day Ceremony

Posted on July 9th, 2015 by admin
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A wet and windy Tynwald Day found the ‘Wolf Pack’ working behind the scenes crewing the traders car park.

During the course of the morning the Explorers devised ‘synchronised traffic direction’ which meant everyone spread out in a long line and all pointing the way at the same time. It was even more impressive when they managed to do a ‘rolling point’ with the Explorer pointing the way just before the vehicle got to them. (it helped to keep the insanity at bay!)

The photograph shows Mark, Willa, Maddie, Roger, Ben, Laurence, Henry (Who became a temporary traffic Island!) Mathew, Isla and Lile just before going for a hot drink and a cake at the WI stall.

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