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‘Wolf Pack’ go hot and cold

Posted on February 3rd, 2016 by admin
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DSCF0552 (Copy)Last Monday night at Mullin ny Carty had the Explorers of the “Wolf Pack’ learning about the perils of hypothermia which, considering the weather we have been having in the Island was quite appropriate. The Explorers were given skin thermometers and took the temperature of their forearms before pressing it against different surfaces or materials. After a minute they re took the temperature and noted the difference.

Surfaces ranged from wood, ceramic and plastic to metal ( in our case the sink top). Materials included wool, cotton and foam. The real killer was the ‘wet sleeve’.

TDSCF0557 (Copy)he efficacy of a storm shelter was demonstrated when four Explorers took the ambient air temperature which was 8 degrees and then after 5 minutes in the shelter they took the temperature which was a comfortable 20 degrees. Storm shelters are – light weight – compact – ranges from 4 to 10 persons – not expensive – highly recommended by the guys and girls off the ‘Wolf Pack’ as a good thing to carry in your pack at all times.

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