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‘Viking’ knows which side its’ bread is buttered!

Posted on July 5th, 2016 by admin
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TVikingCooking2he Scouts of ‘Viking’ Troop, 1st Malew having completed their pioneering proficiency badge have now moved on to cooking.

They were put into two groups and given a different bread mix to measure, mix and knead. Every scout took a part, especially the kneading, when one got tired another took over. Whilst the dough was put in a warm place to rise they cleared up and then made their own butter.

This is easier than you think.

  • Take a clean jam jar with a good tight lid and half fill it with ordinary double cream.
  • Get the Scouts to shake the jar as hard as possible. We found that 20 seconds was about the limit before handing over the jar.
  • Eventually you will have a jar with a lump of butter + butter milk.
  • Drain the butter milk off and drink it (it’s very nice by the way).
  • Then add a small amount of cold water to the jar and gently rinse the butter.
  • Drain again ( don’t drink this one!) And you have unsalted butter!
  • You can add salt to taste not forgetting that once it is in you cannot get it out so add a small amount mix and sample.
  • Place the butter in the fridge to firm up.

VikingCooking5After a quick game or two the Scouts then got to eat their fresh from the oven white rolls and garlic and cheese bread with home made butter.

A tasty evening all round.

See more pictures of the night see the photo gallery.

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