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Three Legs Challenge

A Challenge for Scouts and Explorer Scouts

The Three Legs Challenge has been set up by the Scout Association – Isle of Man, to encourage hiking amongst Scouts and Explorer Scouts. A special badge and certificate have been created and will be awarded to any Scout or Explorer Scout who complete the Challenge in a twelve month period. The Challenge is open to all Scouts and Explorer Scouts, not just Manx Scouts.

Isle of Man Scouts have been given permission to wear the Three Legs Challenge Badge on their uniform. As the Three Legs Challenge is considered to be an activity, the Challenge Badge should be worn on the left arm with other activity badges gained.

Aim: To complete three of the Isle of Man’s Long Distance Footpaths within a twelve month period.

Leg One – The Heritage Way

Start at the Quarterbridge in Douglas and follow the Heritage Way along the disused Railway Line to Peel. Finish is at the Peel Heritage Centre.
Distance 10.5 miles.

Leg Two – Bayr ny Skeddan (Way of the Herring)

Start at Castle Rushen in Castletown and follow the Bayr ny Skeddan to Peel. Finish at Peel Castle.
Distance 15 miles.

Leg Three – Millennium Way

Start at the bottom of Sky Hill, near Ramsey and follow the Millennium Way to Castletown. Finish at Castle Rushen. This hike can be completed in either one day or two consecutive days, camping overnight.
Distance 26 miles.

All hikes can be completed in any order, but all must be completed in a twelve month period. You can of course do the routes either way ie. hike from Castletown to Sky Hill to complete the Millennium Way.

Complete the whole Challenge in just Five Days!

If you are coming to the Isle of Man to complete the Challenge, it is possible to complete all three legs in just five days. If you arrive at Douglas off the Ferry or Seacat, you can complete Leg One by walking along the Heritage Way from Douglas to Peel. Camp overnight at Peel Town Campsite.

The next day do Leg Two, the Bayr Ny Skeddan from Peel to Castletown. It maybe possible to stay overnight in a local Scout Hall here.

On day three have a rest and day four complete the first half of Leg Three the Millennium Way, camping overnight at Baldwin, before finishing the route the following day by hiking to Sky Hill and then the short distance into Ramsey. Public Transport will get you back to Douglas.


Entering the Challenge

Before you start the Challenge you must first Register. Complete Please fill out the online form to be registered for the Three Legs Challenge., within 48 hours you will get an email back saying your registration is complete.

You also need to download the Challenge Record Sheet.

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