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Ship & Shore

Posted on April 5th, 2015 by admin

This is an active game where everyone takes part and is great for days when there was no break at school.

This is a command game where the leader shouts actions and they have to do them as quickly as possible. I suggest not having a knock-out system as those not playing get bored watching the others enjoying the game. The best solution is to award points for the last person’s six or patrol and the ones with the least points are the winners.


  • Ship [or Bows] one end of the room
  • Shore [or Stern] opposite end
  • Port Left side in relation to ‘Bows’ above
  • Starboard Right side in relation to ‘Bows’ above
  • Man The Rigging – simulate climbing a ladder
  • Clear The Decks – off ground
  • Captains Coming – Salute
  • Man The Lifeboats – sitting on the floor rowing
  • Freeze
  • Bombers Overhead – lie face down on the floor
  • Submarines – lie on your back with hand in the air [periscope]
  • Boom Coming Over (optional) – Leader moves are horizontally across room and everyone ducks
  • Captain’s Girlfriend (optional) – self-hug and waggle hips

Note: If playing the Bows & Stern option the leader can blow a whistle to indicate the ship has turned so bows & stern, port and starboard will be transposed.

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