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Posted on November 12th, 2016 by admin
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Who let the dogs out…

Baden Powell once said “The good turn will educate the boy out of the groove of selfishness, and it could be said that his words are still ringing true to this day.

Yesterday I attempted an excavation for a key that was behind the sofa for an old bike lock, however, I’m not sure that’s what Lord Baden was referring to exactly. Earlier this weekend a group of 2nd Onchan scouts were hiking across Baldwin as part of their camp at Ard Whallin. The 8 scouts came acrosss two Golden Retriever dogs, Taffy and Nala whilst hiking over the baron terrain.

The dogs were clearly on their own. With no tags and no owner in sight the scouts decided the best thing to do was take them back to Ard whallin for the evening. Upon arriving back at the campsite the scouts quickly went about contacting the dogs owners from a Facebook appeal.

At this point,  I think my quest for the bike key became redundant.

Andrew, a leader, described the pair as “lovely, friendly and the scouts loved them.” Taffy and Nala were reunited with their owners the same night; all thanks to the scouts ingenuity.

It’s events like this that shows Baden Powell’s legacy still lives on throughout all levels of scouting. Society can learn that if we show care for each other, a good deed in a day can make for a better individual in the long run. A recent study by the University of Edinburgh and Glasgow found that adults with a Scouting background were less likely to be anxious or depressed in later life. Scouting teaches young people resilience and respect: skills which can be used throughout adulthood. Whether it’s rescuing dogs or a Beaver on their first night away from home, we can all take something from ‘Baden Powells legacy’

Now, I think I’ve lost that key again…
Mark O’Connor

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