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Leader Wood Badge Training

On the morning of 8 September 1919, 19 men dressed in short trousers and knee socks, their shirt sleeves rolled up, assembled for the first Scoutmasters’ training camp at Gilwell Park. The camp was designed and run by Robert Baden-Powell.

Continue the tradition and complete your required training.



Training for Executive Members

As of 1 January 2016 members of group executive are required to complete module 01E (Essential Information for Executive Committee Members) and Safeguarding training.

FAQs – Module 1: Essential Information for Executive Committee Members

Training Resources

01E: Essential Information for Executive Committee Members
Safeguarding awareness online training

Leader Training

Leaders are required to do the following modules:

01: Essential Information
02: Personal Learning Plan
03: Tools for the Role (for Section Leaders)
05: The Fundamentals of Scouting
Safeguarding awareness online training
Ongoing Safety online training

Forward the certificate PDF produced at the end to the completed online training module to the Island Training Manager at, to ensure that your Compass training profile is updated.

 Upcoming Training

All training will be held in 1st Douglas Scout Hall, Demesne Road, Douglas.
Feel free to drop in to any session for training or refreshing your knowledge, starting times are listed, please allow time for registering.

Date Time Details
22/10/16 13:15
module 19 International
module 6 Changes in Scouting
12/11/16 9:00 to 16:00 IminRU? (Diversity and Inclusion)

This is open to all members (not just those who wish to use the day for training on module 7).
With regional trainers (lunch provided for this event) **

10/12/16 13:15 module 12a Delivering a Quality Programme **
module 12b Programme Planning **
these modules are for wood badge and manager training
14/01/17 13:15
module 8 Skills of Leadership
module 14 Supporting Young People
04/02/17 13:15
module 9 Working with Adults
5:30 module 11 Administration
11/03/17 13:15
module 15 Promoting Positive Behaviour
module 16 Introduction to Residential Experiences
08/04/17 13:15
module 13 Growing the Section
module 17 Running Safe Activities
Management modules training
10/12/16 13:15 module 12a Delivering a Quality Programme
module 12b Programme Planning
06/05/17 09:30 – 17:30 module 21 Growing the Movement
module 23 Safety for Managers and Supporters
module 24 Managing Adults; module 26 Supporting Adults

** Note: Modules 7, 12a &12b are open for all to attend. The modules focus on Youth Shaped Scouting (#youshape) and inclusivity.

Jump Start Cafe

Call in on any of the dates above to validate completed modules, assess workbooks, access training online in a quiet environment or to complete module 2 and agree your personal learning plan with a training advisor.

Training methods

We can provide training to suit your needs including in groups, 1 to 1, classroom, workbook, e-learning and practical. If you have any special requirements or preferred learning style let us know and we can cater for your needs.

First Response & First Aid

The First Response training is required by all leaders. This training needs to be renewed every 3 years. Check on upcoming training sessions.

Note that a First Aid certificate from outside Scouting (e.g. through your employer) can be upgraded.

Contact Norman Longdon, the Island Training Manager at, for details for details on this or if you have any questions about what training you require.

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