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Official Island Scarf


The Island Scarf, also know as the Manx Scarf, was officially approved by the Island Executive Meeting on 14 September, 2004 as the official Island Neckerchief of  The Scout Association – Isle of Man.

The scarf is in the Laxey Woolen Mills Manx Tartan and is woven, rather than just printed. On the point is an embroidered ‘Three Legs’ design.





The Island Scarf can be worn by:

  1. The Island Commissioner, Assistant Island Commissioners and Scouters who are not attached to a Group or Unit.
  2. Members of the Scout Network, who are not part of a Group or Unit.
  3. Members of a Contingent representing the Isle of Man, rather than a particular Group or Unit. Contingents must apply to the Island Commissioner to wear the Island Scarf when travelling off island.
    Members not part of an officially approved Manx Contingent should wear their own Group or Unit scarf.

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