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A mountain hike helps in the classroom – by Bear Grylls

Posted on June 30th, 2015 by admin
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The self-belief that comes from conquering the great outdoors is a lesson that all young people should learn

Do you know what I remember from school? It wasn’t the hours spent in the classroom – useful though they were. It was the things we did in our spare time: building tree houses in the woods of the school grounds; making a raft out of an old bathtub to sail down the River Thames. I was lucky enough to be at Eton, an incredible school. The best thing about it was that they always believed in empowerment and giving you freedom if you proved you could be trusted.

When I earned my second dan black belt in karate, I got to train in Japan. In my youth I also helped establish the school mountaineering club, which is still going today. These were the things I was proud of as a young boy trying to find my way in a big school.

So it’s nothing new to me to learn that, according to a new report, the kind of positive, practical, adventurous and creative activities I was able to enjoy at school, and what we offer in the Scouts – what might be called informal education – can make all the difference in bringing out the best in young people.

Read the complete Bear Grylls article from today’s The Telegraph at A mountain hike helps in the classroom.

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